Portrait: Kezia Olive

Kezia Olive


Email: kezia.olive@helsinki.fi

Project abstract

Three studies are planned to address the relationship between gender, individual task values, and STEM aspiration throughout time. Each study will utilize different datasets and analysis methods, which will provide different perspectives to the topic.

The first study, which is already ongoing, focuses on primary school students. Using a six-wave longitudinal dataset “Development of primary pupils’ science related efficacy beliefs and motivation”, this study aims to develop a growth trajectory model of students’ task values development in association to their gender and career aspiration and identify the dynamics of students’ motivational states.

The second study will develop profiles of adolescent students’ school engagement and burnout and its influence on STEM aspiration and subjective task value. Specifically, using the data collected from “Mind-the-Gap” project, adolescent students’ school engagement and burnout profiles will be analyzed for its influence on STEM aspiration and subjective task value, while also assessed for gender difference.

The last study will focus on examining the relationship between momentary subjective task values, engagement, students’ gender, and educational aspiration. This study will use the dataset of secondary school students from the “Bridging-the-Gap” project, which was collected with experience sampling method. The result of this study will highlight the relationship between micro-level processes (momentary experiences in class) and macro-level outcome (aspiration).

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Katariina Salmela-Aro, University of Helsinki/Finland


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