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The European Training Network (ETN) G-VERSITY – Achieving Gender Diversity is an interdisciplinary and intersectoral doctoral training network for early stage researchers.
G-VERSITY aims at fostering new kinds of expertise and jobs needed in Europe to help employers overcome the underrepresentation of women, men, and sexual and gender minority Groups (SGMs).

The network constitutes a prototype for innovative doctoral training on gender diversity research. G-VERSITY joins 8 leading European research groups from psychology, education, management, business administration, media and communication studies with 7 non-academic partners, including an organization running the leading certification for workplace gender equality, a city administration, a public broadcasting service, a media training centre, and 3 non-profit organisations.

Get to know the Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) involved in G-VERSITY!

Early Stage Researchers

Portrait: Andrea Kočiš

Andrea Kočiš


Parent-child conversations about subject domains and occupations (UK)
Portrait: Kezia Olive

Kezia Olive


Gendered pathways to professional life (Finland)
Portrait: Hanna Szabó

Hanna Szabó


Acting out gender identity — Self-portrayal in digital media (Germany)
Portrait: Franziska Saxler

Franziska Saxler


Sexist organizational climate and gender-based harassment. Obstacles to careers in male-dominated fields (Switzerland)
Portrait: Serena Haines

Serena Haines


Challenging manhood: When men strive for male-atypical professions (Czech Republic)
Portrait: Tatjana Graf

Tatjana Graf


Networking for gender equality and diversity (The Netherlands)
Portrait: Shannon O'Rourke

Shannon O'Rourke


Sexual and gender minorities on their pathways to leadership (UK)
Portrait: Ana-Nzinga Wei

Ana-Nzinga Weiss


What's on TV? The role of gender and social status in media representation (Germany)
Portrait: Virou Fang

Yirou Fang


Being well prepared — A gender-related career setback training (Finland)
Portrait: Mary Ann Ciosk

Mary Ann Ciosk

ESR 10

Language and images — Social inclusion through subtle cues in organisational communication (Italy)
Portrait: Vladislav Krivoshchekov

Vladislav Krivoshchekov

ESR 11

Making a good case for gender diversity — Pathbreaking organisational communication (Switzerland)
Portrait: Sofia Elena Bracco

Sofia Elena Bracco

ESR 12

Implementing gender diversity interventions effectively (Sweden)
Portrait: Clara Pückelmann

Clara Plückelmann

ESR 13

Benchmarking current diversity management strategies (Sweden)
Portrait: Rasika Mahajan

Rasika Mahajan

ESR 14

Bias circumvention — A scientific evaluation of gender diversity training (The Netherlands)
Portrait: Federica Case

Federica Case

ESR 15

Train the sponsor — Implementation of a new mentoring training (UK)
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