Portrait: Vladislav Krivoshchekov

Vladislav Krivoshchekov

ESR 11

E-Mail: vladislav.krivoshchekov@psy.unibe.ch

Project abstract

My project is dedicated to determining which aspects in organisational communication function as persuasive messages influencing potential candidates’ attitudes toward organization and choices to apply for a job. I conducted a literature review to determine the state-of-the-art knowledge about diversity communication, about gender diversity in particular to identify social psychological factors in organisational communication that can affect external recipients’ attitudes and professional choices. I have developed my first study on “Emotionality in diversity statements on the websites of European companies”.  This study has been being preregistered and data collection is starting. Currently I am also further developing my research project by identifying more specific research areas that I would like to investigate during my project.

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Sabine Sczesny, University of Bern/Switzerland


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