Portrait: Serena Haines

Serena Haines


Project abstract

Men are underrepresented in Healthcare, Elementary Education, and Domestic spheres (HEED), hindering the progress of achieving gender equality. For many men, disengagement with communal roles already begins in childhood and continues into adulthood, corresponding to gender differences in career preferences and impacting the gendered occupational choices of adults. Increasing the engagement of men with HEED requires changing perspectives of masculinity, and ways in which organisations can encourage and foster the involvement of men. Focusing on empirical research allows the development of evidence-based solutions for organisations, creating programs and strategies to effectively address gender inequality. This project focuses on integrating information on traditional masculinity, the perceptions of the incongruity between men and HEED and media portrayals of men in communal careers to create evidence based actionable solutions, such as workshops, to be implemented as part of diversity policies by organisations.

Supervisor: Ass. Prof. Dr. Sylvie Graf, Institute of Psychology of the Czech Academy of Sciences / The Czech Republic


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