Portrait: Sofia Elena Bracco

Sofia Elena Bracco

ESR 12

E-Mail: sofia.bracco@psychology.su.se

Project abstract

While research in TGNSs experiences in general and at the job market are growing, and researchers are starting to investigate it, the current state of the art is far from exhaustive. In the personnel selection process, two p actors: the recruiter and the applicant. The recruiters, most often cisgender people with limited knowledge about TGNC issues, might hold negative stereotypes about TGNC people; TGNC people, on the other hand, might be hesitant to apply for certain positions, industries and/or organizations because of a perceived lack of fit and fear of discrimination. The goal is to provide guidelines on how to increase TGNC people’s inclusion in the workplace.

Supervisor: Ass. Prof. Dr. Marie Gustafsson Sendén, University of Stockholm, Sweden