Media representations of and attitudes toward trans and gender diverse people

Sofia E. Bracco

As G-VERSITY (Achieving Gender Diversity) is slowly coming to an end, we are happy to introduce the Final Podcast Series with all of our researchers to you, where each of them talks about insightful and useful findings from their work as well as discusses opportunities arising from their research.

In this podcast episode, G-Versity early stage researcher, Sofia Bracco talks about how trans and gender diverse people are represented in online news media, and whether such representations affect people’s attitudes toward them. Tune in to hear more!


Bracco, S. E., Sczesny, S., & Gustafsson Sendén, M. (2024). Media Portrayals of Trans and Gender Diverse People: A Comparative Analysis of News Headlines Across Europe. Sex Roles90(4), 491-507.

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