Portrait: Tatjana Graf

Tatjana Graf


Project abstract

My Project within the G-Versity Program concentrates on the topic of formal and informal Diversity Networks/Networking for gender equality and diversity. Being part of Diversity Strategies that are implemented within Organizations, Diversity Networks as I understand them, are countermovement to the effects of so-called “old boys networks”. Aiming for the prevention of exclusion, Diversity Networks strive for the redistribution of power by offering career support, awareness and the platform to address diverse issues.

Overall, the project’s goal is to identify differential career patterns of members & non-members of diversity networks by examining their network structures & networking practices. The focus lies on the critical questioning of hegemonic power structures within companies and analyzing the effect they have in and on established informal “old boys networks”, as well as Diversity Networks.

In regard to that the research interests that will be critically explored throughout three different studies will contain the examination of (1) Inclusionary and exclusionary situations and experiences of minorities compared to members of “male dominated Networks”, as well as the different mechanisms and requirements for participation that have impact on career opportunities. Taking in an intersectional perspectives the (2) reproduction of inequalities on multiple levels also within Diversity Network dynamics will be analyzed. Finally throughout the lenses of critical management theories, based on the concepts of normative control and cultural management, diversity networks should be (3) critically investigated on behalf of their function as normative mechanisms.

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Yvonne Benschop, Radboud University/Netherlands


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