Gender Discourse in Conspiracy Theories – An Interview with Florian Primig

Florian Primig (private)

In this podcast episode, G-Versity early stage researcher Ana-Nzinga Weiß talks to Florian Primig. Florian is a PhD candidate and research associate in Communication Studies at Freie Universität Berlin. His research interests include disinformation, knowledge, and truth in digital publics as well as media trust and trust in epistemic authorities. 

Florian grants us an insight into his research on conspiracy theories in protest movements contesting measures during the Covid-19 pandemic. Thereby, he focuses on the role of different gender discourses in the movement’s identification and self-presentation. He concludes with a critical evaluation of these discourses and shares some practical tips for listeners who might be confronted with such narratives in their daily lives.

Recommended Literature on Gender as a Discourse:

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