The Importance of Decolonizing Knowledge: Dr. Bareerah Hafeez Hoorani and Rasika Mahajan on Postcolonial Feminism

Photo by Dr. Bareerah Hafeez Hoorani

In this podcast, ESR Rasika Mahajan has interviewed Dr. Bareerah Hafeez Hoorani, Asst. Professor at Radboud University and they unpack postcolonial feminism based on their own experiences and identities as South Asian women, and their journey with rediscovering themselves, their roots and their historical past. They deconstruct oppression, and talk about the connection between the past and the present as a result of colonial encounters. They discuss  how this lens can be incorporated into methodology in order to conduct responsible research.

Dr. Bareerah Hafeez Hoorani is an Assistant Professor of Qualitative empirical methods at the Nijmegen School of Management, and is currently working with the Research Methods group. Her work focuses on qualitative methods, by addressing important research considerations such as rigor, case study design, selection strategies, theorizing and the role of time. Beyond her methodological research, she is also interested in understanding organizational identities and their role in crisis recovery, and is passionate about using methodologies to addressing ‘grand challenges’. Find out more on Radboud University’s website.

Books we spoke about:

  • Schwarz, H., & Ray, S. (2000). A companion to postcolonial studies (Ser. Blackwell companions in cultural studies, 2). Blackwell.
  • Sunder Rajan, R., & Park, Y. M. (2000). Postcolonial feminism/postcolonialism and feminism. A Companion to Postcolonial Studies. Malden: Blackwell, 53-71.
  • Khan, M. (2019). It’s not about the burqa: Muslim women on faith, feminism, sexuality and race. Picador.
  • Dalrymple, W., & Anand, A. (2016). Kohinoor: The Story of the WorldÕs Most Infamous Diamond. Juggernaut Books.

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Rasika Mahajan – Designing intersectional gender diversity training from a postcolonial feminist lens

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