Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby! –  Embracing Intimacy and Pleasure Through Storytelling

Photo by Claudio Ahlers

Episode #3 of the podcast series Gender, Sexuality & Art

In this podcast series, ESR Hanna Szabó interviews artists who are involved in creative projects that address topics around gender and sexuality.

In this episode, we will be introducing Cameryn Moore, a playwright and performer who started Smut Slam in 2011. Smut Slam is an international, open mic storytelling event that encourages audience members to share stories about their own sex lives. By doing so, Smut Slam seeks to destigmatise conversations about sex in public and open up dialogue about pleasure and intimacy.

Cameryn is an award-winning playwright, performer, organizer, and event host, originally from the United States and currently based in Berlin. She has performed her works in more than 70 cities worldwide, and has created seven critically acclaimed solo plays to date, with the latest one, Muse, selected as an official presentation at both the Oslo and Bergen Fringe Festivals in 2022 and touring to six Fringe festivals across Canada in the summer of 2023. Cameryn is also the creator of YIKES! (an appreciation of awkward performance art), NOM (an open stage for stories about food), and Smut Slam (an international network of storytelling shows featuring real-life sex stories). Last year’s presentations of her showcase evenings YIKES! and also Wholesome AF were both funded by the Neustart Kultur program in Berlin. She also just received a research grant from Germany’s Performing Arts Foundation (Fonds Darstellende Kunst) to support research for Berlin Stories 2.0, an immersive storytelling installation featuring stories from Berlin’s nightlife workers. You can read more about Cameryn and her work at http://www.camerynmoore.com

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