Researching gender and sexuality: A chat with Dr Aífe Hopkins-Doyle and Dr Fabio Fasoli

Dr Aífe Hopkins-Doyle and Dr Fabio Fasoli

In this podcast episode, G-Versity early stage researcher Andrea Kočiš talks to Dr Aífe Hopkins-Doyle and Dr Fabio Fasoli, directors of the Psychology of Gender and Sexuality Lab at the University of Surrey. Aífe’s research interests include sexism and gender relations, gender stereotyping, and feminism. Fabio’s research interests include derogatory language, auditory gaydar, sexual prejudice, dehumanisation and sexual objectification.

Join us for an exciting episode where Aífe and Fabio dive deep into their research journey! Get ready for a discussion as they unveil the pathways that led them to explore the fascinating realms of gender and sexuality. Discover their most important research findings and the unexpected twists. Gain valuable insights into the rewards and hurdles of delving into these dynamic topics. Stay tuned till the end for expert tips and recommendations for anyone passionate about exploring the complexities of gender and sexuality research.

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