A Theatre Approach to discuss Sexuality in School

Credit: Gerbrand Langenberg

Episode #1 of the podcast series Gender, Sexuality & Art

In this podcast series, ESR Hanna Szabó interviews artists who are involved in creative projects that address topics around gender and sexuality.

In the first episode, Merel van‘t Hooft, actress, and journalist, talks about a Dutch initiative, Live Your Story. Live Your Story uses the power of theatre and storytelling to discuss societal issues and sensitive topics with teenagers. Their various plays explore the themes of gender identity, race, sexuality, and consent. Through an interactive play and follow-up workshop, the theatre-makers bring powerful stories to their young audiences so that they can introduce and discuss these tricky topics in a light and accessible way. The actors share their own stories, allowing the audience to identify with them as positive role models.

Find out more about Live Your Story and Merel’s projects.

Did you join a similar project in school or do you know any initiative as such? Let us know in the comments!

1 thought on “A Theatre Approach to discuss Sexuality in School”

  1. Thank you for confirming my belief that theatrical performances are some of the most creative ways to talk about sensitive issues which might be a taboo among members of the public. My son is going to visit his friend in Pittsburgh next weekend and he plans to watch a local stage play while he’s there. I’ll make sure he buys the right ticket at an instant so he won’t miss the right show afterward.

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