Sexual Workplace Harassment During a PhD (Part 2)

Photo by CoWomen on Unsplash

When Franziska Saxler’s guest spoke up about being sexually harassed during her PhD, she experienced both solidarity and alienation. In this episode, they also talk about predictors for sexual harassment and the over-representation of the perpetrators’ perspective in public discourse about sexualized violence.
This is the second part of their conversation. Please listen to the first part here.

Franziska and her colleagues founded metooscience – an independent platform to seek help and share perspectives of people who experience sexual harassment in academia. Sadly, it is only available in German at the moment. But you are more than welcome to contact them in English if needed.

Have you ever experienced sexual workplace harassment yourself? If yes, please share your solutions in the comments!

Further reading

Stainback, K., Ratliff, T. N., & Roscigno, V. J. (2011). The context of workplace sex discrimination: Sex composition, workplace culture and relative power. Social Forces89(4), 1165-1188.

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