Approaches to Gender in Diversity Research

In this first part of the virtual roundtable, Hanna Szabó and Ana-Nzinga Weiß discuss how to define and approach gender in research with Dr. Harriet Tenenbaum (University of Surrey), Prof. Yvonne Benschop (Radboud University), Prof. Peter Hegarty (The Open University), Prof. Margreth Lünenborg (Freie Universität Berlin). The second half of this discussion will be uploaded next week! 

Sexual Workplace Harassment during a PhD

Franziska Saxler and her guest who wishes to stay anonymous talk about experiencing sexual harrassment during a PhD. They are discussing the problem of recognizing sexual workplace harassment and also the consequences that come not only from the experience itself but also from interacting with responsible parties who are supposed to protect their employees and students.

The New Normal

Normality is a made-up construct, and it is constantly changing and updating itself. People ditch stigmatized old terms and come up with new names all the time. In recent years, gender and sexuality are two of those concepts undergoing radical changes. Being an international researcher who has traveled to many countries, gender equality has always been a topic of importance for me because of its complicated relationship with people, culture, and time.

Wellbeing during a PhD

I often feel I’m not productive enough. There’s always more to be written, more to be read, emails to answer, classes to study for and files to organise. A wise friend once told me that a PhD is a marathon and not a sprint. But how do we stay the course and keep hydrated through the many milestones of PhD life?

Social Psychology Glossary (1): Categorization

Categorization is a process that helps people simplify their perception of the social and physical world. With categorization, a perceiver of the world groups many individual cases (called exemplars in Social Psychology) in one overarching category. For example, let’s think about a parrot called Mindy. We can imagine Mindy as a blue and yellow parrot, shy with strangers, and quite talkative when she hears the shower in the other room. 

How to identify and counter Masculine Defaults

As part of our e-learning journal club during spring and summer 2021, we critically discussed the review article “Masculine Defaults: Identifying and Mitigating Hidden Cultural Biases” by Sapna Cheryan and Hazel Rose Markus (2020). The authors describe a cultural bias called “masculine defaults”. Masculine defaults imply that characteristics or behaviours associated with men’s gender role are culturally valued, rewarded, or regarded as standard, normal, neutral, or necessary. 

Isolated but Not Alone

Starting your PhD during the midst of a global pandemic is not exactly ideal. I imagine the angst associated with starting the 3-4 year project that is a PhD is usually difficult to cope with at the best of times, without adding government restrictions, health concerns and almost complete isolation into the mix. Despite this, I decided to start my PhD in March of 2021.

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